How Can You Get a CAM License in Florida?

A Community Association Manager (CAM) in Florida is tasked with the responsibility of managing property such as condominiums and homes. He or she deals with homeowners and property owners. For you to be a registered and licensed CAM, you have to be trained and examined per the state education requirements for CAM. You can quickly get an online CAM course which is approved by the state and start your property management career Look for FLCAA CAM License Online, and you will be home and dry. Here is a simplified 4-step process of getting the CAM license.

Enroll in the Pre-License Course

online courseEnrolling into the pre-license course starts the journey of getting licensed as a property manager. Look for a CAM course online and start learning. There are many advantages of enrolling in the course online. First, learning online is convenient as it goes at your pace. You only learn when you want. You also don’t have to be living in Florida to take the course. It is also cheaper than attending face-to-face classrooms. You get individualized attention online, and you can interact with thousands of classmates spread all over the state and elsewhere.

Submit a License Application

Since you have already stepped your feet into the CAM career, you can make the country aware that you are expecting a license sooner rather than later. You must be above 18 years of age to qualify for the CAM license. There is also a fee that is payable to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. You can submit an online application or a hardcopy application.

Register for Electronic Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting must be done before you are licensed to operate as a CAM in Florida. Therefore, book for fingerprint reservation and pay the required fees. Whenever the word fingerprint is mentioned, what comes to everyone’s mind is a criminal record. Yes, you should have no criminal record for you to be a licensed Community Association Manager in Florida.

Pass the State Exam

This is the most crucial step in acquiring the CAM license. You must demonstrate a proper understanding of the concepts involved in homeownership and property management. The pre-license course in step one prepares you for this exam. The 18-hour course gives you everything you need, but a review will always be an exam. Therefore, be prepared.

There are multiple choice questions and more than 300 structured questions to enhance your understanding. There are also qualified instructors whose job is to make sure that you pass the test in the first attempt. Make use of these resources well, and you will pass the exam.

In summary, Community Association Managers make a lot of money. They are assured of jobs as associations with a budget of $100000 and more or those serving more than ten units must hire a licensed property manager in Florida by law. The CAM course online gives you the competitive edge that makes you visible to all the property owners and homeowners who need your services. In particular, once you are a licensed CAM, community associations, elected board members and property management companies will be looking for you. This course is a worthwhile investment.