Guide to Choosing the Right Marijuana Packaging

marijuana packagingGetting the right packaging for your marijuana requires you to consider several factors. The aim should be to secure a branded packaging that is unique and attractive while maintaining or improving your margins. This applies to all the packaging types that are currently available in the market.

Material Used

The material used for packaging is an essential factor to consider. For starters, the packaging should be made of an aesthetically pleasing material, as that is what will attract customers. Different materials will mean different margins for you, which means that you have to consider the price tag for your cannabis. Craft-scale glass, for example, would be a better choice over plastic for top-shelf products. For the cheap packaging, ensure that the material used does not alter the quality of marijuana for its entire shelf life. Other things to consider in terms of content used include weight, color, and size, among others. 

Target Market

You should determine which type of customers you wish to attract. If you are looking to sell to price-conscious customers, for example, the packaging has to address their needs. Other customers may be looking for high-end marijuana, which means that the packaging has to be high-end as well if such are your target customers. You might have to a little research to determine which packaging features will be the most appropriate for your specific target market.

Packaging Equipment

The packaging equipment that you have may also determine the type of marijuana packaging that is best for you. Some packaging machines may weight, pack, and seal the marijuana quite effectively in an automated process. Such usually require a particular type of packaging to be used, which is what you will have to consider if you intend to make use of the packaging machine.

Friendliness to the Environment

You should also opt for environmentally friendly packaging. There are some states where there are laws set to guide on the packaging that can be used based on how they affect the environment. For such, you need to ensure that you are compliant with everything that the law requires.rolled weed


The packaging materials that you use should also be readily available and accessible to you. This will ensure that your business doesn’t grind to a halt due to lack of packaging material.

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