Three Ways to Invest on Land That You Probably Have Never Thought Of

When it comes to property investment, we mostly think of a commercial building for leasing. However, a property can be in the form of vacant land too, and there are only a few investors who dare to put their money there.

First, you need to understand the upsides of owning a vacant land. Unlike leasing a house or a building, a vacant land gives you more maintenance freedom. The liability of the land management goes for the lessee.

Second, because few people are brave enough to enter the vacant land leasing business, the competition is not fierce. In fact, many owners are enthusiastic about selling their vacant lands, which means that they offer the lands mostly at a reasonable price.


logging businessWhen your land happens to be ideal to grow cedar, pine, redwood, ash, birch, or oak, then you can be confident enough to transform it into timberland. If you can work with a professional procurement company, you do not even need to use your budget to turn the land into a money machine. You can get investors to work with you.

However, managing a forest requires more than a capitalistic intention. It must be a sustainable business that can protect domestic soil and water supply.

Recreational Land

Outdoor recreational business is thriving because more and more people grow tired of the city’s atmosphere. When they have the time for a holiday, they usually spend it in a place far away from the crowd. And in that situation, your vacant land can come in handy.

Some outdoor recreational sites encourage peace and solitude, while some others, like the adventure park and obstacle course, facilitate people to train their teamwork. Not only does your land can benefit individuals but also companies who need a site for their outing schedule.


livestockYour vacant land can be extremely useful for farming. A cattle owner will need a vast and vacant land for his/her herd to feed and roam around, especially those who specialize in raising high-breed cows like Wagyu, Angus, Holstein, and Brahman. They believe that the environment can affect the marble-forming process in the beef.

Besides livestock, you can also lease your land to vegetable farmers. However, it may affect the soil’s organic compounds.