Benefits of Distributed Teams

Technology keeps changing the way people work and live. However, companies are yet to change the way they hire and acquire talent. The capabilities and resources for a remote workforce are readily available. You only need to utilize them. Although distributed teams may have specific challenges, they are not comparable with how they can propel a company to move forward in this era. That is because, with distributed teams, you have access to the best technology and workforce from all over the world.

Improved Productivity

With a distributed team, you can focus on a given task at hand. Also, they will not be interrupted by other people who come to the office. Although the employees can be distracted by emails, notifications, and other alerts, they can mute such distractions.

Great Family Life

If you have kids, working from home provides you with adequate flexibility. For instance, you can pick up your children from school and drop them at school. You can even get some things done at odd hours.

Flexible Working Hours

Usually, employees are allowed to set their working hours. Some people like working during the morning hours, whereas others are more productive. You can also take time off to attend to other important issues.

Save On Commuting Time

distributed teamThis is another of working as a distributed team. With this, you can enjoy better personal or family life. You only need to think about the important things you need to do. Since you can save on commuting time, you can do other things like getting your car to the mechanic and completing your projects. Although extra time and flexibility may seem to be small things, they can help you improve your health.

Fewer Overheads

When you hire a distributed team, you can enjoy reduced overheads. That is because there are no overheads, like electricity costs, water coolers, and electricity costs.


People working as a distributed team trust each other. They understand that even if someone is not online, the work will still be done. Colleagues trust each other to deliver. When employees feel trusted, they also feel valued and become more responsible.

Recent studies have revealed that a productive workforce is also happier. That explains why many companies are now working with distributed teams. You should note that when you are happier, you are more productive. Whenever you feel you are not at your peak, you can take a walk and complete the tasks later.