Benefits of paddle boarding

Paddle boarding started becoming popular in the United States in the 21st century. It is one sport that has been embraced by many people because it is relatively easy to paddle board. Paddle boarding has lots of health benefits which are beneficial to the human health. The following are some of the benefits of paddle boarding;


Full body workout

paddle boarding

One benefit of paddle boarding is that it leads to a full body workout. This is because almost all the muscles in the body are used during paddle boarding. The leg muscles will be used during balancing, whereas the shoulder, arms and back muscles will be utilized to drive the paddle board on the water. The abdominal, back, and core muscles, on the other hand, will be in constantly be used to maintain the body balance.

Improves balance

When paddleboarding, an individual is required to stand straight on the paddle board. This requires leg strength and core stability to maintain balance. This helps an individual to have not only a great body balance but also increases the focus on an individual. People who paddle board tend to look into the details of whatever activity that they are involved in.

Rehabilitation injuries

Paddle boarding is also useful in the rehabilitation injuries. This is due to its nature which is low-impact. People who are recovering from injuries usually need strength gently to be applied in their muscles. Paddle boarding is one great exercise for such individuals. It is not only gently to the muscles but the joints as well.

Reduces stress

When water flows in our body, it soothes the skin, therefore, helping us to reduce stress. The gliding, sliding, and walking on water has a refreshing feeling.

Enhances endurance

This type of exercise also enhances endurance. Since this sport involves standing up, individuals gradually enhance their endurance through constant paddling. Once the newbies learn the art of balancing they usually go a step further and paddle faster with even greater balance. This helps the body improve its endurance to numerous external factors.

Cardio workout

paddle boarding

Last but not least this sport also leads to a cardio workout. Cardio workout is one of the best exercises that you can ever grant yourself. Since the heart is responsible for the pumping of the blood, it has to be at optimum at all times. Individuals who take part in this activity rarely suffer from the heart diseases.